Norman H. Azadian

Computer engineer, Münsingen

As someone who was born in America it was difficult for me to think about the possibility, that my government actually could be responsible for 9/11. However, as I investigated, it became apparent to me that this explanation was feasible. There are just far too many unanswered questions, and the government has no interest in answering any of them.  For example, we have reports from eyewitnesses that the «black boxes» from the airplanes in NY were actually recovered. The government denies this. Why? The fact that the government continues to stonewall at every opportunity, and brands doubters as «unpatriotic», only confirms my suspicions.  People and organizations who are honest have no need to shroud themselves in secrecy.

The National Transportation Safety Board has the responsibility of investigating and publishing the details of every airplane crash in America.  The FBI usurped this task for the four spectacular crashes on 9/11, and continues to keep the information secret. I personally filed an Freedom of Information Act request to see the reports, and this request was denied on grounds that it would hinder an ongoing investigation. Who believes that?

Some Federal Aviation Administration regulations which used to be published on the internet are now classified. I know because I looked them up in an effort to determine if the reported actions of Air Traffic Control conformed to the regulations. Since this information is now secret (how convenient for the government), we have to rely on the reports of aviation experts. These are examples of how the government (mis-)uses secrecy to make it difficult for people to prove it wrong. These are Black Hat tactics.

Since the government is obviously covering up the truth, we are reduced to making up our own theories of who, what, how, and why this was done. Thus they call us conspiracy theorists, as if to say that we are stupid or at least deluded. In fact it is other way around.  We are the ones who are not deluded, the ones who are using our brains instead of just accepting wholesale whatever the government dishes out. As Henry Kissinger said, the fact that someone is paranoid does not necessarily mean that nobody is out to get him.

Of course it is unthinkable that the government will ever re-open the investigation. There is the danger that some truth might leak out. The reason for 9/11 was presumably to create a hue-and-cry for the war on terror, and enable passage of the absolutely despicable Patriot Act. It was all about extending and consolidating control.

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